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Kunshan Sochi Electronics Co., Ltd. is a diversified service company integrating production and trade. Our main service targets are automotive electronics, semiconductor and PCB industry customers. Our company’s main products are PCB equipment; PCB CNC drilling machine and milling machine parts; repair and maintenance of drilling /molding machine; maintenance of spindle and various chip boards; production and processing of automobile molds and parts. We have a technical team of excellence, advanced CNC processing equipment, and testing equipment which can ensure that our product quality meets or exceeds customers’ requirements. As an honest and caring organization, we continue to expand our market share and gain unanimous praise from our customers. Our vision is to be the favorite brand supplier for global customers. Our mission is to devote our life to the development of the electronics industry. Our strategic goal is to achieve 10 times global sales in 2020. Quality and service are the foundations of our company. Innovation and breakthrough are our business philosophy. With you, Suchi will be more wonderful! Look forward to your call and we hope to join hands in creating success!

Main products:

Equipment: PCB X-Ray inspec machine, drilling machine, Routing machine, exposure machine, automatic needle grinding machine, V-CUT machine, target shooting machine, PIN machine, etc.;

Accessories: PCB CNC drilling and milling machine tool, cylinder, chuck, holder, cutter plate, foot cup, manipulator, optical fiber, sensor, amplifier, foot, brush, chuck wrench, suction pipe joint, pin, test tube brush, suction pipe joint, pelin, electric wood, pin;Japanese synergy, NSK, krupp, THK rail oil, German dow corning lubricating oil, etc.
Repair and maintenance: 1. PCB board repair.2, PCB CNC drilling and milling machine maintenance.3. PCB equipment spindle repair and maintenance.
       Customized series: welcome to provide drawings or samples, customized precision equipment accessories.
Non-standard processing: shell parts processing, CNC precision parts processing, precision parts assembly, non-standard precision parts processing, high-precision precision parts processing, beautiful appearance, precision up to 0.002mm.