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Dust cover used in what areas?

Release time2018-03-26  times browse


What kind of application areas does the dust cover have? Some of our products that produce plastics, such as cars, machines, and other related products, need some dust cover to do better protection. The following is a list of relevant products for you.
Some of the production needs to analyze:
The shape of the dust cover can be designed in various styles according to actual needs. The size can be made according to actual needs, and the PVC plate is used for support. Both ends are loaded with a fixed metal connecting skeleton or a plastic connecting skeleton. This type of shroud has a small compression
, long strokes and other advantages. Oil resistance, corrosion resistance, hard object collision without deformation; and has a long life, good sealing, smooth running, strong and durable, and brings perfect effect to the use of machine tools. The bellows speed can reach 200m/min. Its shape
Rules, beautiful appearance.
What is the corresponding technology for the dust cover is worth our appreciation, please see the following article:
1. The dust cover has the characteristics of not afraid of foot step, hard object collision, deformation, long life, good sealing and easy operation
2. Long stroke of shield, small compression, ratio of length 1:10
3. Dust cover The product uses special materials, coolant resistance, oil, grinding wheel and iron Shaw and so on;
4. The dust cover has the advantages of long stroke and small compression;
5. The bellows speed of the dust cover can reach 200m/min;
6. There are no metal parts inside the dust cover. Don't worry about loose parts when working on the cover and cause serious damage to the machine.